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8th May 2016

The shocktroopers are among the most advanced soldiers that Nova has ever employed. This division is utilized for some of the most top secret escort, assault, defense, and suicide mission's. You should expect to be called on at a moments notice; then be able to drop in on a location in minutes. Failure is never an option for a shocktrooper. You've known only success to have even been considered for this division, now it's time to have only success. Your motto is a simple one "Death is the only end to duty". You will live that motto everyday. You can expect to be dropped behind enemy lines and survive. Shocktroopers dismissed.

To join this division you must submit this application to Commander's Roxas and Dark
Age IRL:
Original Division:
Why you think your fit for this job:

This division is a Sub division of the Desert Division under the Command of Roxas Kane and Commander Dark. You will tasked with retrieving top secret things, if you are put on an operation you don't know who or what was there. Do NOT ever ask questions, you will be told what you need to know.

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I am a Novan. A shock trooper. And family to all novans

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