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The equipment Nova owns
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13th Jan 2017

Novatech Industries Vast Armory
       Novatech Industries is one of the worlds largest supplier of wepaons technology and combat gear. Below will be listed the gear,weapons, and vehicles that Novatech gives it's subsidiary The Novan Empire PMC to use in its fight against crime. 

        The Aircraft Carrier Dreadnought

       This is the most well known and most used and advanced vehicle Nova possesses. The Dreadnought is a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier purchased from the United States of America at the end of Desert Storm. The Aircraft Carrier had been heavily damaged and was sold to Novatech for a low price. Novatech has taken this ship and reconfigured it to brand new specs. The ship is completely self reliant. It is off the grid to protect it from hacking. The ships computers that run it are not connected to the satellite and the computers that are connected to the tactical net are not connected to anything else on the ship. It has been proofed against EMP, Hacking, and Hostile forces boarding the ship.

      Dreadnought is armed with a fleet of at least 100 aircraft, an armory with rounds for every possible weapon it carries numbering always in the 500,000 rounds range. The Phalanx and CIWS system on the deck keep it safe from enemy boats and aircraft for up to a range of 200 miles all around. 

(The Phalanx Missile System x5)

(CIWS system to protect from missiles and close range vehicles x5)

Radar System that can ping aircraft and boats from 500 miles away

Below Decks contains aircraft and ammunition and bombs
         The Dreadnought is the main source of transportation between locations. It takes the PMC's fighting force from location to location. The possibility of this ship being attacked is small. I hope god has mercy on whoever does, because we won't.

       Novatech owns a plethora of Vehicles and Aircraft, we will now cover them and where they come from. This will be a full list of the specs and outfitting the vehicles have.

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The Novan Empire PMC Commander In Chief
"When justice is done, it will bring joy to the righteous, Yet terror to the evildoers"

"I want you to remember in your most private moments for all the years to come, the man who beat you" -Bat

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