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26th Nov 2014

The T.N.E Dreadnought is the aircraft carrier Nova had bought off of Japan at the end of the war. You stand on the tarmac of Carrier and look out at the ocean as it rolls and the storm lights up the dark ocean with lightning. The Helicopters and and Planes are below decks until the storm passes. The Captain is a stern man and you know its time report the command station to deliver the Operations report of what you and your Wing did. You head down that way.

You walk into the Combat Information Center and look around at the men and women bustling and dispatching pilots to assist the City and Desert Divisions, you know youre about to get called up so you walk over to the white board with a filing cabinet next to it, your first instinct is open the cabinet and toss your file in with the rest. You walk to the door and here the Commander shout "You, yeah you get your plane ready its time to launch"

Vehicles and Aircraft

This is our recon fighter, it is unarmed and has a payload of cameras. This is a high altitude reconnaissance aircraft meaning you can be well out of the reach of your enemies. No rank restriction

This is a strategic bomber with a payload of Unguided Smart Bombs, missiles and machine guns should things get in a bad situation. This is capable of hovering allowing you to strafe and lace an area with great accuracy. Only LT.s and above in the Air Force are allowed and trusted to use these.

Our basic fighter, this is equipped with a payload of Machine guns and Missiles. You will be flying these the most and their usefulness has been proved in the glorious field of combat. You are to escort bombers and our private jets and keep them safe from all enemies. No rank restriction

Insurgent Covered
This is your vehicle when on land the color should be a matte gray color scheme. The wheels will be Mil Spec Steelie. This is your heavily armored transport vehicle.

Signature Picture

Location: (probably being shot at somewhere)
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"When justice is done, it will bring joy to the righteous, Yet terror to the evildoers"

"I want you to remember in your most private moments for all the years to come, the man who beat you" -Bat

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